tongue1 W3S3 [tʌŋ] n
2 click your tongue
3 sharp tongue
4 silver tongue
5 sharp-tongued/silver-tongued etc
6 with (your) tongue in (your) cheek
7 slip of the tongue
8 bite your tongue
9 Cat got your tongue?
10 get your tongue around something
11 trip/roll off the tongue
12 loosen somebody's tongue
13 find your tongue
14 set tongues wagging
15 keep a civil tongue in your head
16 speak with forked tongue
17 speak in tongues
[: Old English; Origin: tunge]
1.) ¦(MOUTH)¦
the soft part inside your mouth that you can move about and use for eating and speaking
Joe ran his tongue over his dry lips.
The taste of the chocolate was still on her tongue.
The girl scowled at me, then stuck out her tongue .
2.) click your tongue
to make a sharp noise with your tongue to show that you are annoyed or disappointed
She clicked her tongue and shook her head.
3.) sharp tongue
if you have a sharp tongue, you often talk in a way that shows you are angry
Gina's sharp tongue will get her into trouble one day.
4.) silver tongue
literary if you have a silver tongue, you can talk in a way that makes people like you or persuades them that you are right
5.) sharp-tongued/silver-tongued etc
able to talk in a very angry or pleasant way
a sharp-tongued young teacher
6.) with (your) tongue in (your) cheek
if you say something with your tongue in your cheek, you say it as a joke, not seriously
7.) slip of the tongue
a small mistake in something you say
Did I say $100? It must have been a slip of the tongue.
8.) bite your tongue
to stop yourself saying something because you know it would not be sensible to say it
I wanted to argue, but I had to bite my tongue.
9.) Cat got your tongue? also Lost your tongue?
spoken used to ask someone why they are not talking
10.) get your tongue around sth informal
to be able to say a difficult word or phrase
I couldn't get my tongue around the names of the villages we'd visited.
11.) trip/roll off the tongue informal
if a name or phrase trips or rolls off your tongue, it is easy or pleasant to say
Their names trip off the tongue very easily.
12.) loosen sb's tongue informal
if something such as alcohol loosens your tongue, it makes you talk a lot
The wine had certainly loosened her tongue.
13.) find your tongue informal
to say something after you have been silent for a time because you were afraid or shy
Polly found her tongue at last and told them about the attack.
14.) set tongues wagging
to do something that people will talk about in an unkind way
Angela's divorce will certainly set tongues wagging.
15.) keep a civil tongue in your head
old-fashioned spoken used to tell someone that they should talk politely to people
16.) speak with forked tongue
to say things that are not true - used humorously
17.) speak in tongues
to talk using strange words as part of a religious experience
18.) ¦(LANGUAGE)¦
literary a language
Anton lapsed into his own tongue when he was excited.
mother/native tongue
(=the language you learn as a child)
She felt more comfortable talking in her native tongue.
19.) ¦(FOOD)¦[U]
the tongue of a cow or sheep, cooked and eaten cold
something that has a long thin shape
tongue of
Huge tongues of fire were licking the side of the building.
21.) ¦(SHOE)¦
the part of a shoe that lies on top of your foot, under the part where you tie it
on the tip of your tongue attip1 (5), hold your tongue athold1 (29)
tongue 2
tongue2 v
1.) [I and T]
to use your tongue to make separate sounds when playing a musical instrument
2.) [T]
to touch something with your tongue

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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